Version V2 1.3.5 / 2018-12-16

  • Fixed column config when switching profile
  • Fixed an issue where using certain offline activation keys was not possible

    Version V2 1.3.4 / 2018-09-22

    • Dock layouts are restored correctly
    • Fixed crashes when the logger tree is hidden

    Version V2 1.2.1 / 2018-06-11

    • Memory leak fixed: Long running instances of Log4View occupied up to 6GB in certain circumstances.
    • Last column layout is preserved now.
    • Common Log4View settings can be defined via policy file.
    • Search performance improved.
    • Double-Click on MessageView scrollbar doesn't scroll to end of list.
    • Rolling file pattern propperly detected when opening log files in folder which has numbers and periods in its name.

    Version V2 1.1.2 / 2018-05-02

    • Logger tree fixes
    • Smaller UI fixes
    • Closing receivers is now faster
    • Various other fixes

    Version V2 1.1.0 / 2018-03-10

    • Fixed various issues with the Database Receiver
    • $var support for NLog patterns
    • Fixed not showing custom message properties
    • Fixed crash when reusing Remote Desktop Connection
    • various fixes

    Version V2 1.0.12 / 2018-01-26

    • Added licensing via cmd parameters
    • database receiver fixes
    • fixed crash when showing huge texts in grid columns
    • added proxy settings
    • various fixes

    Version V2 1.0.11 / 2018-01-12

    • Fixed crash when offline

    Version V2 1.0.10 / 2017-11-29

    • Skin improvements
    • performance improvements
    • improved message details and chart layout
    • Switched to a more userfriendly chart legend
    • Chart fixes
    • smaller fixes

    Version V2 1.0.9 / 2017-11-18

    • fixed message sorting when merging multiple receivers in same view
    • fixed time distance markers
    • better loggertree performance
    • added external message detail textview
    • reverted tab selection to combobox
    • added french translation
    • fixes and tweaks

    Version V2 1.0.8 / 2017-10-20

    • logger info are now popups in logger tree
    • filters can be applied to all receivers
    • fixes

    Version 12.7.1 / 2017-09-29

    • minor fixes

    Version V2 1.0.7 / 2017-09-22

    • again many fixes and improvments
    • better merging of multiple receivers

    Version V2 1.0.6 / 2017-08-18

    • many fixes and improvments
    • left trimming for loggers
    • readded selected messages time distance info
    • better high dpi support
    • much faster message list refreshing
    • added milisecond scale to chart

    Version V2 1.0.4 / 2017-07-14

    • many fixes and improvments
    • better performance for charting
    • greatly reduced RAM usage
    • added stretching columns to fill window width
    • layout updates

    Version V2 1.0.3 / 2017-06-02

    • many fixes and improvments
    • re-added monochrome logger display in tree
    • layout updates

    Version 12.7.0 / 2017-05-19

    • fixed saving invalid letters in config
    • tweaks and fixes

    Version V2 1.0.2 / 2017-04-15

    • many fixes and improvments
    • reworked profiles
    • centralized all filtering
    • re-added regex filtering
    • added column fixing support

    Version V2 1.0.1 / 2017-03-24

    • many fixes and improvments
    • added JSON file parser with compression support
    • added value distribution charting
    • added profile support
    • ribbon UI elements can be adjusted
    • improved message details

    Version 12.6.13 / 2017-02-28

    • database fixes

    Version V2 1.0.0 / 2017-02-03

    • tweaked the message details section
    • fixed unresponsive UI
    • many fixes and improvements

    Version 12.6.12 / 2017-02-03

    • fixes and minor adjustments

    Version V2 0.9.4 / 2017-01-09

    • last selected logging framework will be remembered when adding receiver
    • added policy and config file registration via command line
    • fixes

    Version V2 0.9.3 / 2016-12-29

    • first public beta of Log4View V2

    Version 12.6.11 / 2016-12-02

    • fixed go to next error hotkey
    • fixes in tcp receiver

    Version 12.6.10 / 2016-11-04

    • fixed tcp bursts

    Version 12.6.9 / 2016-10-25

    • pattern formated messages can start with a prefix to allow multiline messages
    • fixed wildcards

    Version 12.6.8 / 2016-09-20

    • fixed errors with the date format when using a pattern format
    • fixed german chart dialog

    Version 12.6.7 / 2016-08-13

    • added manual reconnect for TCP client mode

    Version 12.6.6 / 2016-08-07

    • much faster xml parser
    • fixed file receiver window starting to low
    • fixes and tweaks

    Version 12.6.5 / 2016-04-15

    • fixed dark skins for filter dialog
    • fixed using regular expressions in english filter dialog
    • added warning when exporting too many messages to .xls

    Version 12.6.4 / 2016-04-03

    • fixed english filter dialog

    Version 12.6.3 / 2016-02-19

    • better high DPI rendering
    • updated french translation
    • fixes and tweaks

    Version 12.6.2 / 2016-01-17

    • fixed loglevel/time not beeing exported to excel files sometimes
    • updated french translation
    • fixed german add filter dialog

    Version 12.6.1 / 2016-01-08

    • added french translation

    Version 12.5.14 / 2015-11-27

    • fixed a bug where opening Log4View with a start file would not work when "Load last Config on Startup" option is disabled

    Version / 2015-10-30

    • filters detect incorrect regex statements
    • fixes and tweaks

    Version / 2015-07-17

    • minor fixes

    Version / 2015-05-22

    • new version for .Net 4.0

    Version / 2015-05-15

    • re-fixed timestamp dialog
    • fixed registry problems when running multiple instances
    • hopefully fixed installation problems
    • fixed removing a receiver removing all receivers under certain circumstances

    Version / 2015-04-24

    • fixed timestamp dialog
    • fixed Start/Stop button
    • minor fixes&tweaks

    Version / 2015-03-13

    • fixed chart not using message filters properly
    • fixed custom level being loaded without value

    Version / 2015-03-03

    • added feature to append read errors to previous message in pattern files
    • moved autosave option from application to config file
    • bugfixes

    Version / 2014-11-12

    • fixed a problem where reading xml files with names beginning with newlines caused reading errors

    Version / 2014-10-29

    • fixed Drag&Drop when working with an empty configuration
    • fixed filters not beeing removed when deleting their receiver
    • fixed possible exception when copying text from the message details
    • fixed wrong in formation in license window

    Version / 2014-09-26

    • fixed Drag&Drop blocking Windows Explorer
    • extended support for custom receivers
    • minor fixes and improvements

    Version / 2014-08-29

    • extended support for own receivers
    • fixed schemes

    Version / 2014-08-22

    • added ability to fix newlines in wrong configured xml files
    • added advanced colums to the filter window
    • added ability to use previous version settings on upgrade
    • added ability to show the configurations path in window title
    • fixed dealing with corrupted user settings file
    • fixed fonts and color settings
    • various fixes and improvements

    Version / 2014-07-23

    • file schemes also being used when only files with same extension are loaded
    • fixed cancellation of reading log files
    • fixed loggers disapearing in the logger tree after editing receivers
    • fixed chart axis
    • various tweaks and fixes

    Version / 2014-06-19

    • new configuration management (see
    • opening Log4view with a logfile (startup parameter) loads the last configuration if it includes this logfile
    • added highlight logger function to logger tree contextmenu
    • fixed filters being dropped after adding new receiver
    • filterwindow gives visual feedback if a filter would apply to selected message
    • extended filter window columns
    • changed highlighting colors
    • fixed receiver combobox beeing editable in filterform
    • added user defined date/time format hint

    Version / 2014-05-25

    • added reset to default dock layout
    • reworked TCP server connect/disconnect structure
    • minor fixes

    Version / 2014-05-17

    • changed Nlog TCP server mode to multiple clients structure
    • layout fixes
    • minor tweaks

    Version / 2014-05-14

    • added option to enable or disable loading the last config on startup
    • fixed reconnection in TCP server mode
    • fixed an error where opening the logger information in the logger tree could cause an exception
    • smaller bugfixes

    Version / 2014-03-27

    • added TCP server ability for use with NLog
    • Opening a new configuration will now create a new one in the documents directory rather than overwriting the current config file
    • other minor fixes

    Version / 2014-02-27

    • fixed filter for multiline fields
    • merged call stack and stacktrace
    • added stacktrace to log4net pattern
    • default column visibility and width will now be saved
    • fixed layout at high dpi settings

    Version / 2014-01-24

    • chart: fixed a bug where zooming out could cause an exception
    • chart: fixed a bug where recalcing the x-axis could cause an exception
    • chart: fixed a bug where the zoom leve would reset every chart update
    • chart: fixed a bug where chart series could not be deleted individualy
    • chart: series now selectable using arrow keys
    • chart: added "use message view filter" feature
    • fixed identity messagefield not showing up in message view

    Version / 2014-01-09

    • fixed saving and loading of charts
    • improved date format recognition for patterns

    Version / 2013-12-19

    • memory optimization for certain szenarios
    • fixed a bug where changes to a existing receiver could clone the displayed messages
    • added support for certain special timezones

    Version / 2013-12-01

    • tweaked performance
    • fixed a bug where auto deleting older messages could cause an exception

    Version / 2013-11-28

    • added API documentation
    • added methods to API
    • enhanced pattern parser
    • minor bug fixes

    Version / 2013-10-31

    • Fixed a bug where loading an older configuration could cause an exception
    • Other minor improvements

    Version / 2013-10-27

    • Extended license window
    • Added auto highlighting for the Logger selected in tree
    • Leveldependent audible alert
    • minor fixes

    Version / 2013-07-14

    • Tweaked SQL Performance
    • Click can be enabled when Log4View is not minimized
    • Column headers can be ommited when copying log messages
    • MRU-List for log-patterns added
    • Receive filter level is now shown in logger tree

    Version / 2013-05-04

    • Sample Receiver plugin with source code added
    • Sample Dashboard visualization plugin with source code added

    Version / 2013-03-10

    • XML parser fixed to read complex messages with CDATA parts inside.
    • Start/Stop message scrolling now works reliably with mouse and keyboard.
    • Read errors are shown for XML formatted files as well.
    • Expand / collapse tree context menu now acts on selected tree node.
    • Minor UI fixes

    Version / 2013-02-22

    • Support for SQL Azure improved.
    • If a log file is corrupted, the number of erroneous lines is shown.
    • Many smaller bugfixes.

    Version / 2013-01-06

    • First Beta of Log4View 12
    • New fresh look.
    • Filter configuration can now be stored and applied separatelly.
    • Copy with Ctrl+C now works consistently.
    • Fixed bug which caused custom columns wrong values when applying grid filtering.

    Version / 2012-10-20

    • Selection of logging framework added in file receiver config dialog.
    • NLog pattern parser extended to allow nested patterns.
    • NLog layout wrappers are now allowed in pattern strings.


    First preview Version of Log4View 12.

    • NLog longdate implemented.

    Version 2011.2.502.1

    • Bugfix: Log4View crashed in special file rename scenarios.
    • Bugfix: Date correctly rendered in message details pane.

    Version 2011.2.501.1

    • Feature: Can now parse NLog high performance counters ${qpc} with floating point seconds.
    • Bugfix: Race condition which caused exceptions when drawing charts has been fixed.

    Version 2011.2.500.1

    • Feature: Time distance of selected messages shown in UI
    • Feature: Additional filter ption in logger tree
    • Feature: Detection of archived files pattern improved
    • Bugfix: Modifications of Date- and Time format take effect immediately
    • Bugfix: Special log4net config files can now be read
    • Bugfix: Time filter fixed

    Version 2011.2.440.2

    • Resolution of log4net environment variables implemented.
    • Bugfix: Log file read errors now properly shown and handled.

    Version 2011.2.438.1

    • Names of rolled files can now have any regular structure, not only "filename.ext.*".
    • Upgrade licenses are now accepted by Log4View.
    • Reading of large logfiles with many rolled files is much faster and consumes less memory.
    • Memory consumption of large log sets greatly reduced.
    • Many additional bug fixes.

    Version 2011.1.311.1

    • Bugfix: Auxiliary message properties disappeared after message filtering.

    Version 2011.1.303.3

    • File receiver recognizes irregular (mixed with plain text) XML log files.
    • Bugfix: OK-Button in file receiver form properly enabled.
    • Bugfix: Exception when editing database appenders removed.
    • Minor UI fixes

    Version 2011.1.297.1

    • Automatic creation of default frequency chart can be switched on in config settings.
    • Bugfix: Deleting all messages caused a crash.

    Version 2011.1.293.1

    • Bugfix: Chart zoom button sometimes caused an exception.
    • Bugfix: Unhandled exception when receiving a lot of messages.
    • Bugfix: Logger tree window sometimes to large.
    • Bugfix: OK button in file receiver form sometimes greyed out.
    • Bugfix: Failure to open old Log4View config files.
    • Bugfix: Grid properties in receiver configuration form fixed.
    • Bugfix: Minor UI issues

    Version 2011.1.247.3

    • NLog Support added
    • Extensibility API added
    • UI and Workflow improved
    • Chart logic and speed improved
    • Support for Log4net Socket appender added
    • Orphaned loggers can be deleted
    • Database query interval now configurable
    • License can be registered via command line
    • Many bugfixes

    Version 2010.3.10.2

    • Bugfix: Receive Filter in DB Receiver fixed.
    • Bugfix: DB Receiver no longer reads whole database when only the first records are requested.
    • Bugfix: Background color of some controls fixed.

    Version 2010.3.9.1

    • Bugfix: Dates of log messages are now correctly shown, when the message date is a log4j timestamp.
    • Bugfix: Closing Log4View is now canceled when pressing the appropriate button.
    • Usability: Ctrl-X no longer closes Log4View.

    Version 2010.3.8.1

    • Bugfix: Log-Level filters of loggers were not restored from the previous session.
    • Performance improved (especially in situations with many log messages)

    Version 2010.3.7.0

    • Bugfix: Under certain conditions, log messages were shown multiple times.

    Version 2010.3.6.1

    • Usability: Captions of docking windows no longer auto hide
    • Bugfix: Dialogs could be shown behind the main window
    • Localization: Minor issues fixed

    Version 2010.3.5.0

    • Compatibility: Old .msv files can be read by Log4View
    • Bugfix: Dialog windows are now opened within the parent window

    Version 2010.3.4.3

    • Bugfix: Message count fixed when log messages are filtered in the grid
    • Bugfix: Saving messages in the *.msv format fixed
    • Bugfix: Selection of log level in filter editor fixed
    • Bugfix: Location a logger now shows the logger tree if it was hidden
    • Bugfix: Newly created filters now have a propper name

    Version 2010.3.2.2

    • Bugfix: Error when registering a valid license file now fixed
    • Bugfix: False assertion of manipulated computer time fixed
    • Bugfix: No error message was shown when an invalid license file was registered
    • Bugfix: Resizing bug in message details window fixed
    • Bugfix: Tray icon fixed
    • Bugfix: Localisation error in config form fixed
    • Bugfix: Date/Time localisation issues fixed
    • Bugfix: Configured background color of messages is now shown
    • Bugfix: Crash when editing format profiles fixed
    • Bugfix: Bug in management of additional log levels fixed
    • Bugfix: Creating new loggers sometimes crashed  due to a race condition
    • Bugfix: File extension ".xlog" now included in log file selection dialog
    • Bugfix: File receiver dialog did't offer the selection of log levels when configuring the read filter

    Version 2010.3.0.2

    • Feature: A log of additional stylish skins added
    • Bugfix: UDP receiver now accepts host names and IP addresses
    • Bugfix: Field name of custom filters is now saved in the Log4View configuration
    • Bugfix: Exporting messages as Excel, PDF, XML or plain text now works again
    • Bugfix: Pattern parser throws exception with certain log patterns
    • Bugfix: Grouping and sorting by more than one column now works
    • Bugfix: Colors of log levels couldn't be changed in configuration form
    • Bugfix: Editing the value of a user defined log level sometime throws an exception

    Version 2010.2.0.0

    • Feature: UDP receiver now accepts broadcast addresses (
    • Usability: Messages can now be grouped and filtered by any column.
    • Usability: Message list can now scrolled horizontally.
    • Performance: Number of rows which is read by a database receiver is limited by the size of the message buffer.
    • Performance: TCP receiver now works more efficiently.
    • Performance: Log4View is now much faster when inserting new messages into a large message buffer.
    • Bugfix: When opening a log file, which is currently written to, an IOException was thrown.
    • Bugfix: Editing the log4net configuration of a bound receiver threw an error.

    Version 2010.1.1.0

    • Usability: Loggers can now additionally be added to the chart by the message view context menu.
    • Usability: Default background colors changed.
    • Bugfix: Changing the receiver configuration didn't work without saving and restarting the application.
    • Bugfix: Database Receiver with OleDb provider now working.
    • Bugfix: File receiver sometime showed the wrong numbers of files to read.
    • Bugfix: Database receiver configuration is now properly shown in config form.
    • Bugfix: Smaller localizations errors fixed.

    Version 2010.1.0.0

    • Usability: Chart time resolution increased.
    • Performance: Creation of logger tree significantly speeded up.
    • Localization: UI now completely localized in English and German.
    • Help: Documentation of database receiver completed.
    • Bugfix: Messages couldn't be sorted by LogLevel.
    • Bugfix: Message now propperly updated after config changes.
    • Bugfix: Database is no longer queried when reception of messages is stopped.
    • Bugfix: Reading large database logs can now be interrupted.
    • Bugfix: Databases key column setting was sometimes lost.
    • Bugfix: TcpAppender now shows the correct thread name.
    • Bugfix: In multi-UI-culture OS, the wrong language was auto-selected.
    • Bugfix: Duplicate key shortcuts fixed.
    • Bugfix: Context menu in message view couldn't be opened when message view is empty.
    • Bugfix: Ctrl+C now copies the selected text in message details.


    • Bugfix: Exception was thrown, if filters were changed and no message was selected.
    • Bugfix: Minor bug in message order fixed.
    • Installation: Problem with incompatible x86/x64 assemblies fixed.


    • Usability: Scrolling improved, when filters are switched on or off.
    • Performance: CPU requirement reduced.
    • Fixed: Exception is thrown when adding new loggers.
    • Fixed: Older log files are read although this was not configured.


    • Usability: Inverted message filters are now visualized by radio buttons.
    • Usability: Logger tree expansion can be switched off in configuration.
    • Usability: Chart window improved.
    • Fixed: Log4View could not read *.msv files.
    • Fixed: Log4View could not open Oracle database tables.
    • Fixed: Problems when accessing a SQL Server with the native SQL-Server provider.
    • Fixed: Selected message disappears when applying a filter.
    • Fixed: Memory isn't released when messages were removed.
    • Fixed: Reading of consecutive rolled files is aborted before the last file is read.
    • Fixed: Exception when displaying a message without proper log level.