I have a license key, but I need a license file.

With the development of Log4View V2 we have changed our license management. When you now purchase  Log4View, you receive a license key in the form: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

This key allows you to activate Log4View V2.

When you still use Log4View V1, you can use the following link to create a Log4View V1 license file with your Log4View V2 license key.


I have an older Log4View license file. How can I convert this to a license key for Log4View V2?

If your license is not older than one year, you can convert your license file here for free into a Log4View V2 license key.

What's the difference between a machine-bound and a person-bound license?

Technically, there is no difference. You register the same license key in both cases.

  • The default case is the machine-bound license: Every installation of Log4View needs its own license. Typical cases are Servers, Control-PCs, Test-Machines and other computers, which are not assigned to a special person.
  • Developers and technicians often use multiple Computers, e.g. a work desktop, an additional notebook and the PC at home. In our oppinion, it wouldn't be fair to require a user purchasing three licenses if he wants to install Log4View on all of his three computers. Therefore, a user who owns a Log4View license has the right to install Log4View on up to three of his PCs. We call this a person-bound license. Yet he may only run Log4View on one of his devices at a time.

You decide on your own if you assigns a Log4View license to a machine or to a person. You can even change this assignment once a quarter. For this purpose you do not need to get a new license or inform us. We trust in your own responsibility to comply with the License Agreement. Log4View only checks if the license count is met.


You want to equip 5 developers and 3 technicians with Log4View. Additionaly you want to install Log4View on two servers and 4 PCs in the test lab which are used by five testers. This scenario requires 14 licenses. You assign eight of them to the five developers and three technicians. Each of them can install Log4View on up to three of his machines. These eight licenses are person-bound. The other six licenses are used for the two servers and four test machines. These computers can be used by many different persons who don't need an own Log4View license. These six licenses are machine-bound.