I have created a receiver in LOG4VIEW but I don't get any messages

Make sure, that your application is configured to write log messages. Examine the settings of the log4net root logger. Make sure, that no Log4Net filter prevents the reception or display of log messages.

Which appender/receiver should I use for LOG4VIEW?

LOG4VIEW works with the standard UDP appender, with file and rolling file appenders and with a special LOG4VIEW TCP appender. If the log messages shouldn't be persisted, use the TCP appender. It works on the local machine as well as with remote applications. All you need is an open TCP port. If you need to store your logging information, use the RollingFileAppender. LOG4VIEW can read consecutive rolled files at once and reads the current log file as it is written without locking the file so that it can be rolled over by log4net.

Which message layout should I use?

Use XML layout whenever possible. It is best suited to be read by LOG4VIEW. LOG4VIEW can also read pattern formatted log files but it can't be ensured that LOG4VIEW can read every log pattern, because some patterns are ambiguous.

How do I use the network receiver?

Log4View can receive network messages via TCP or UDP. For TCP, just start your logging application/appender and add a new network receiver in Log4View. Select the TCP protocol radio button, enter the server's hostname or IP adress as hostname and make sure you use the same port as the appender.

For UDP, select the UDP protocol. Again use the server's hostname or IP as hostname and the same port as the appender. Be aware that you have to set the receiver's IP or the network's broadcast IP in the appender's remote adress configuration, else you will not receive any messages.

I am using Windows 7 and am trying to receive Messages using the UDP appender. But I don't get any messages

Log4net has a bug in the UDP appender so that you can't send messages to the local IP address in Windows 7. A workaround is to use the local address "".

I have configured my application to send messages with the TCP appender but I don't get any messages. When I use the file appender, everything works fine.

Make sure, that the file prosa.LogAppender.dll is in the same directory as your logging application.