Feature Community Edition Professional Edition Trial Edition
Price free 59 € expires after 30 days*
Commercial use
Ergonomic visualization of logging output
Dynamically growing logger tree
UDP receiver
TCP receiver
File receiver
Database Receiver
Extended file read filter
Reversible message filtering
Filtering and searching using wildcards
Filtering and searching using regular expressions
Reads log4net output
Reads NLog output
Reads log4j output
Reads log4cxx output
Export to text file
Export to Excel
Export to PDF
Print log messages
Save & restore configuration
Number of receivers 1 255 255
Number of message views 1 255 255
Consolidate different receivers in single view
Visualize loggers in a chart window
Add comments to log messages
Manage log messages with bookmarks
Time distance indicators

*LOG4VIEW Trial Edition expires 30 days after installation and becomes to LOG4VIEW Community Edition.