Logging Application

The logging application creates log messages using log4net or log4j. The developer can chose between the UDPAppender, the FileAppender, the RollingFileAppender or the TCPAppender to emit the messages. Log4View prefers XML formatted messages but can also process pattern formatted messages.


Log4View receives the log messages by using an UDP-, TCP- or FileReceiver.

Reception Filter

Freely configurable reception filters decide, which messages are written to the message buffer and which ones are dropped.

Message Buffer

A message buffer of customizable size holds all received messages. If the message buffer is full, the oldest messages are dropped.

Display Filter

Powerful display filter allow to see just that subset of log messages, which is currently important. By changing the display filters, the shown messages can be easily adjusted to the current needs.

Message View

The message window offers a condensed and ergonomic view to the currently selected subset of log messages.