More than just a reskin

It has been a while since we conceived the overall layout and usage concept of Log4View. With Log4View V2 we provide a modern user experience featuring an Office inspired Ribbon UI. This new UI is now fully high DPI compatible and allows you to access the most common features faster.

But besides that, a lot has changed under the hood. We added many requested features for the best logging experience so far:

  • Fully customizable message details view
  • More export options
  • Additional value distribution chart
  • Multiple message views can de docked side-by-side
  • Redesigned filter system for unlimited criteria matching
  • Improved and fully customizable message display with criteria based layout
  • Filters can now apply to all receivers
  • Open and read compressed log files
  • JSON file receiver for more compact log files
  • Fully customizable display profiles can be switched with one button
  • Double click messages to execute an external command line tasks with parameters
  • Read error view shows errors in corrupted log files
  • New licensing with convenient license keys
    To convert your exising license to a new license key, click here
  • To come: LogBoxx