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With version 12.5 we reduced complexity of handling configurations by the user. For this we added an autosave feature which is enabled by default. Now you will never have to come in contact with the configuration files again, as long as you do not explicit want to. 
Additionally we introduced automatic configuration of file receivers depending on their logfile’s extension. When you add a file receiver, you will notice two new options at the bottom of the configuration form. Here you can choose between hiding and showing this configuration form when a logfile with the same extension is added the next time. The configuration depended on the file extension is called an extension scheme.
Please note that Log4View only uses schemes when there is no other file with a different extension added. Otherwise you may interfere with your other file’s schemes.


Creating an Extension Scheme:
If you select “Save Settings for … Files” when adding a logfile, Log4View saves your file receiver settings like the window color, encoding, receive filter etc. These will be applied automatically the next time you open a logfile with the same extension and the dialog will not be shown again.
You can additionally save your general settings like custom loglevel, columns and format settings by clicking “File”->”Save File Extension Scheme” and then selecting the receiver whose extension should a scheme be created for. Here you can additionally export your scheme to back it up or to send it to your coworkers etc.
To import an existing scheme, just click “File”->”Import File Extension Scheme” and select the matching file. Be careful as an existing scheme for the specific extension will be overwritten.


Showing the file configuration dialog again:
You can always show the file configuration dialog again by pressing the Ctrl key while adding a file to Log4View. You can also open it via the logger tree or the “Log Sources” tab in the program settings window.

Editing an extension scheme:
If you want to change an existing scheme, open the file configuration dialog, edit the receiver’s properties and again select “Save Settings for … Files“. If you want to alter the general settings of your extension scheme, edit your programs settings and click “File”->”Save File Extension Scheme” again.


Removing an extension scheme:
If you want to remove an extension scheme and return to manual behavior, select “Always show Dialog” the next time you open a specific logfile or edit a receiver with a matching logfile.

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