A license is required for each installation of Log4View Professional Edition. The licensee can either be a person or a company.

Owners of a personal license can install the software on up to three of their devices (e.g. their work PC, one private PC and one laptop). Yet they may only run Log4View on one of their devices at a time.

When registered to a company, the software can be installed on one corporate device and be used by unlimited users. This licensing is suitable for stationary devices with multiple users, e.g. monitoring stations.

A company can also buy personal licenses for their employees. Like personal licenses they are registered to the individual employee with an optional company name.


Product Price € without tax
Individual License 59.00€ without tax
from 10 units up 50.00 € each without tax
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Support Period Extension
Subscription 19.00€ per year without tax » Visit Shop
Manual Renewal 24.00€ without tax » Check License

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VAT will apply for countries that are members of the European Union.