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LOG4VIEW helps you find areas of code and bugs and identify performance issues. Powerful filters enable you to quickly filter out the log lines you are currently interested in from several millions of log lines. A complete log management software, created for system administrators and developers. Get started immediately and get instant answers within seconds to improve your performance.
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The reliable logviewer for log4net, NLog und log4j.

Benefit from Log4View

Use the standard logging frameworks log4net and log4j in your .NET and Java based applications

This log management software is designed to work with log4net and log4j, the common logging frameworks for managed applications. Using these open source frameworks keeps your development team flexible and independent. The log parser was developed with the user in mind and offers proven benefit through ease of use. The success of the logging software is guaranteed for all industries and company sizes.

Create interactive, real-time dashboards of your multi-threaded applications

This real time log viewer visualizes log4net and log4j output from local applications and also connects to distributed and remote applications. Log messages of separate applications can be shown in different windows or be consolidated in a single view to understand the complex interactions of interconnected applications. In a convenient and straightforward way, this logviewer helps you gain a comprehensive overview of complex interactions of connected applications.

Enhance your performance and wow your customers.

Quickly inspect log files from customers and locate user-reported issues: This log management software is able to read a group of consecutive log files all at once and can process several hundred thousand log messages very quickly. Simple and powerful filter techniques facilitate the selection of the relevant log messages. Predefined and configurable colors turn your attention to the relevant items. Top performance and speed ultimately lead to a better customer experience.

How messages are processed in log4view

Key Features of LOG4VIEW at a glance

  • Works with the standard log4net and log4j File- & RollingFileAppender, UDPAppender and a special log4net TCPAppender
  • Log4View can read and process even huge log files (>1000000 lines) quickly and efficiently
  • Freely configurable filters allow filtering of messages at reception or display level
  • Customizable appearance of the visualized log messages


Log4View Community Edition is free to use for personal, non-commercial purposes.

Test our Log4View Trial Edition and see for yourself. The Trial Edition offers the exact same functionality as the Log4View Professional Edition. After 30 days, Log4View automatically continues as the limited Community Edition.

Community Edition Professional Edition Trial Edition
free €59,- 30 days
forever for commercial use all features
Download visit the shop Download
Commercial use
Number of receivers (message views ) 1 255 255
File receiver
Extended file read filter
Ergonomic visualization of logging output
Export to text file
Export to Excel and PDF
Dynamically growing logger tree
UDP-, TCP-, und file receiver
Reads log4net/ Nlog/ log4j/ log4cxx output
Filtering and searching using regular expressions or wildcards
Visualize loggers in a chart window

Supporting Loggin-Frameworks

Our main features in detail

In this video we present all features of the log monitoring software .


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