Log4View V2 brings modern interface

With the new version of the logviewer we provide a modern user experience featuring an Office inspired Ribbon UI. This new User Interface is now fully high DPI compatible and allows you to access the most common software log features faster.

We added many requested features for the best logging experience so far:
Fully customizable message details view, more export options, additional value distribution chart, improved and fully customizable message display with criteria based layout, and much more! Log analysis at it’s best.

Overview of all features

  • Simultaneous logging of up to 255 applications. Messages of different receivers can be consolidated in a common window or displayed in separate message windows
  • The dynamically growing logger tree shows all known loggers
  • All logging software settings can be saved to a configuration file and easily be restored
  • A chart window allows easy visualization of different loggers. 
  • Extended File Read Filter allows selective reading of extremely huge log files. 


  • Edit your log messages with comments and bookmarks and save them to file.
  • Minimize Log4View to the system tray and get visual and audible hints at incomming messages.
  • Context sensitive help in English and German
  • File receiver enables visualization of messages with the log4net and log4j FileAppender and RollingFileAppender. The file receiver can read consecutive rolled files at once.
  • Freely configurable filters allow filtering of messages at reception or display level
  • Export log messages to Excel, XML, Text or PDF files or to the clipboard.
  • Customizable layout of the visualized log messages. Font and color of log messages can be individually selected, depending on logger name, log level, message text and other criteria
  • TCP receiver can be used with the unique log4net TCP appender, which was developed for Log4View to ensure reliable message transmission
  • Individual log levels and additional content fields possible
  • Linked receivers allow direct editing of log4net config settings
  • The log parser comes with localization for English, German and French
  • XML parser as default parser to read all log4net and log4j properties of the log messages
  • Additional pattern parser enables LOG4VIEW to read pattern formatted log files.
  • This logging software can read and process huge log files (>1000000 lines) quickly
  • Print log messages in configurable formats.
  • Filter and search messages using wildcards and regular expressions

1) Message View

The Message View shows a list of all selected messages. Message layout and color can be freely customized. The context menu offers are powerful selection of different filter techniques.

2) Message Details

All details of the currently selected message are shown here. Resizable text boxes allow event the inspection of complex formatted log output like call stacks.

3) Logger Tree

The logger tree shows all loggers in a hierarchical order and permits setting log level filters for each logger individually. The logger tree shows the selected log level of each logger.

4) Search Messages

Use wildcards or regular expressions to find log messages.

5) Message Chart (Version 3.x)

Visualize loggers as state chart, line chart or histogram.

The Log4View Monitoring Process

Logging Application

The logging application creates log messages using log4net or log4j. The developer can chose between the UDPAppender, the FileAppender, the RollingFileAppender or the TCPAppender to emit the messages. Log4View prefers XML formatted messages but can also process pattern formatted messages.


The LogViewer receives the log messages by using an UDP-, TCP- or FileReceiver.

Reception Filter

Freely configurable reception filters decide, which messages are written to the message buffer and which ones are dropped.

Message Buffer

A message buffer of customizable size holds all received messages. If the message buffer is full, the oldest messages are dropped.

Display Filter

Powerful display filter allow to see just that subset of log messages, which is currently important. By changing the display filters, the shown messages can be easily adjusted to the current needs.

Message View

The message window offers a condensed and ergonomic view to the currently selected subset of log messages.



Here you can download the latest log management software release. You need .NET Framework 4.7.


The installation file contains all editions of the data logger software. After installation, the log monitoring software runs as the Trial Edition for 30 days. After 30 days, Log4View continues as the Community Edition. When you purchase the Log4View Professional Edition, you receive a license key which has to be activated in Log4View. After registration, Log4View runs as a full-featured Professional Edition.

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